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Mimecast Hits The Bloor Research Bullseye for Best Practice Email Archiving

September 2011 by Mimecast

Mimecast announces that it has been placed in the Champion segment of a new Bloor Research InComparison Paper. The paper, which features a Bullseye chart that ranks vendors as Champions, Innovators or Challengers, examines the email archiving market, as well as evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of key players in the space.

Entitled Email Archiving Best Practices; a competitive overview of major players in the market, the paper evaluated technology and service providers on their archiving services across criteria such as user experience, security, data centre coverage and management interface. Placements on the Bullseye chart were made by taking into account participant organisations’ financial stability, brand and market share, their current offerings in the market sector and future direction, market presence, and perceived strengths and weaknesses. The closer to the centre of the diagram a vendor placed the more fit-for-purpose its products and solutions were judged to be.

In the report, Mimecast scored highly for:

- its strong unified email management offering, which enables customers to benefit from a single administration and management console that provides centralised policy control, reporting and auditing

- having separate grids, each comprising multiple data centres, serving different geographic regions, which makes Mimecast one of the only email archiving vendors that can guarantee the location of a customer’s stored data within its chosen jurisdiction. This is important for customers that do not want any data stored in the US owing to the fact that this may leave them exposed to information gathering legislation enacted by the US government

- its strong SLA that guarantees 100% virus protection, 100% availability, 98% spam protection and 0.0001% spam false positives, including via BlackBerry mobile devices

Fran Howarth, Senior Analyst at Bloor Research, said; “Increasingly, businesses are realising that email archiving should not be looked at as a standalone application. Rather, it should be considered to be part of a broader email management solution that includes mailbox management, policy enforcement, security, continuity and e-discovery. Vendors, such as Mimecast, that have integrated all of these capabilities into one unified system have a distinct advantage, as they can provide a single, centralised management point that provides visibility over the entire service and that provides management reports and an audit trail for governance and compliance purposes. It is its strong combination of functionality, unique features and a track record of innovation that earns Mimecast its place squarely in the centre of the Champion sector.”

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