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Midpoint report on the first European Cyber Security Month: A Successful Start

October 2012 by ENISA

Halfway through the first European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), the pilot campaign has already reached 1,986,270 people on Facebook Europe-wide. In addition, a special Security Month awareness event has taken place every two days in one of the participating countries.

Going into the second half of the first ECSM, thousands of viewers have seen the ECSM video produced by ENISA, which takes a light-hearted, fun approach to cyber security. The video portrays how citizens willingly share private information online, and reminds you in a witty way to pay attention to what you make public, e.g. stating online being away is an invitation for burglars. The ECSM runs throughout October, being organised by eight EU and EEA countries (the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom). It is supported by ENISA and the European Commission. Key activities, so far, include:

- In Portugal: 300 professionals from more than 75 enterprises and organisations attended their events.
- In Norway: 13 events and social media campaigns are planned.
- In Spain: León, 122 students attended lectures on Internet security and social networks, with a focus on teenagers, parents and teachers. This included tales and a drawing competition called "What do you know about security?" for children 5-12 years old.
- In Luxembourg: An IT security stand at the nine-day-long annual Autumn Fair attracted more than 1,000 visitors in the first weekend alone, emptying the stand of campaign material, and made the front page of Wort, the biggest daily!
- In Slovenia: Two Slovenian stand-up comedians are starring in three educational videos. The national campaign started on October 17, with TV ads being broadcast (reaching more than 70% of the population) and a Facebook campaign being launched.

The following events are starting now for the second half of the ECSM:

- United Kingdom: A road-show visiting five major cities (Cardiff, London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Belfast) will start on October 22 during the Get Safe Online week. The theme is ‘Click & Tell’, with online safety tips for friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.
- Czech Republic: A roundtable discussion on online child protection with NGOs, Czech internet hotlines, CSIRT teams and industry stakeholders. Online and media campaigns will also be held.
- Romania: The ‘Cyber Threats 2012’ conference and social media campaigns with security advice will take place.

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