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Major Dutch Bank ABN AMRO Under DDoS Attack

May 2018 by Kirill Kasavchenko, principal security technologist, EMEA at NETSCOUT Arbor

ABN AMRO, a major Dutch bank, has confirmed it is currently experiencing a DDoS attack. ABN AMRO is the third largest bank in the Netherlands, and its UK operation employs 400 staff with its roots in the United Kingdom dating back to 1858.

Kirill Kasavchenko, principal security technologist, EMEA at NETSCOUT Arbor offers his reaction to this:

“In today’s world, most people interact with their banks online – whether they’re making a payment, moving money between accounts, or just checking a balance. This is why it has never been more important for banks to protect the availability and integrity of their systems. The financial sector is all too aware of the very real cyber threats lying in wait, and most organisations have robust software and solutions in place. Yet this DDoS attack on ABN AMRO proves that even big companies are not immune to disruption.

“Banks are targeted frequently, and with increasingly sophisticated multi-vector attacks. Regardless of whether these attacks are ideologically motivated or for financial gain, banks owe it to their customers and their employees to test their processes frequently to ensure they can sustain service availability through an attack.

“The weapons on the battlefield are ever-changing, so defences must evolve in parallel. Co-operation and information sharing are at the heart of this, as they allow all parties to best prepare based on the current threat landscape. To get this right, the cybersecurity community, financial organisations, and government must improve inter-organisation communication and information flow. Collaboration can only be a good thing.”

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