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M86 Security Labs: Cybercriminals Target Online Banking Customers

August 2010 by M86 Security Labs

In July 2010, an organized network of cybercriminals launched a complex, multi-level scheme that targeted online customers of a large UK financial institution. Based on information M86 Security Labs found on the malicious Command & Control (C&C) server, we assume that close to £675,000 was stolen from the bank between July 5 and Aug. 4, 2010, and approximately 3,000 customer accounts were compromised. Exact figures are being verified at this time.

The M86 Security Labs malware team detected this illegal operation after discovering a malicious code attack used to infect users’ PCs with a Trojan. The team then followed the trail to the Command & Control center. According to our research, these cybercriminals used a combination of the new Zeus v3 Trojan and exploit toolkits to successfully avoid anti-fraud systems while robbing bank accounts.

This indicates a new level of technical sophistication and signals the continuation of a cybercrime trend that has evolved since our last report, URLZone/Bebloh Trojan Banker. Two years ago, M86 Security Labs identified Zeus, which became one of the most popular Trojans used by cybercriminals. Today, the latest iteration, Zeus v3, not only acts a data collector — it also performs illegal online banking transactions.

In this report, we will expose the architecture, business model, tools and methods used by this cybercriminal organization.

To read this report:

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