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Lucian Ciobanu: MOBOTIX to Increase Brand Awareness at All-over-IP Forum

July 2009 by Marc Jacob

MOBOTIX AG, the global market leader in high-resolution video systems with a market share of over 60%, has confirmed their participation in The Second Annual ALL-OVER-IP Forum. The event takes place on November, 19, 2009 at Sokolniki Expo (Moscow, Russia).

Lucian Ciobanu, business development manager for MOBOTIX AG, comments how he assesses the efficiency of ALL-OVER-IP Forum as a marketing tool and what technology MOBOTIX team will introduce at the event.

– What do you expect of your participation in ALL-OVER-IP Forum? – First of all brand awareness. We would like to inform the attendants about our unique technology.

– What results of your participation in the Forum will you consider successful? – Normally, you can measure the success out of such an event after 6-9 months time. It is s clear, a significant increase in sales can be due to new contacts made during the event.

– Why have you chosen ALL-OVER-IP Forum among a wide range of marketing tools available?

– ALL-OVER-IP Forum is one of the few professional marketing packages well known by market experts.

– IP security market is very young and still growing. Accourding to various sources, IP solutions share 5-10% of the whole market. Still, do you think the All-over-IP is a future? – The same question was placed time ago when the first digital cameras were introduced to the market. It always depends on the side you stay.

– Which of the products that you will present at the Forum will be most interesting? – Our video technology with a 360° coverage. Is the only stand-alone product for the moment that is uses a real intelligence inside the camera and does not need an installed software to run. After you understand the potential of the solution, you will never want to step back.

Primary Sponsor: Smartec
Sponsor: ITV Exhibitors:

For more information on exhibiting at ALL-OVER-IP 2009, please contact Alla Aldushina, International Marketing Officer at or

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