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LiveAction unveils Visibility as a Service for Service Providers

November 2023 by Marc Jacob

LiveAction announces its offering of Visibility as a Service (VaaS) to Service Providers (SP) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) with an enhanced portfolio of network and application performance visibility for enterprise customers. This offers them and their customers best-in-class service delivery and assurance with full visibility, monitoring and reporting across multi-tenant networks.

LiveAction’s Visibility as a Service offerings leverage LiveAction’s suite of industry-leading network intelligence products - including LiveSP, LiveNX and LiveWire - to help end-users gain advanced end-to-end visibility for their networks and applications while optimising network operations and reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

The enterprise network is constantly growing to include new technologies, applications, users and potential points of access. Nearly all enterprises - 93% - now have a multi-cloud strategy and 94% of organisations intend to deploy SD-WAN within 2 years. Scale and transformation are now constant requirements of a modern enterprise network but these complexify the network significantly. They often result in myriad performance problems as administrators struggle to identify and remediate network issues without understanding the scope of their transformed network. Visibility as a Service allows SP and MSPs to leverage the visibility provided by LiveAction’s LiveNX and LiveWire to help growing enterprises spot network issues and maintain the agility and productivity that are now absolute requirements.

Enterprises usually prefer directly managed services instead of buying software and hardware appliances which lock them into multiple years of investments. With Visibility as a Service, enterprises can have access to powerful troubleshooting tools, such as packet capture tools, which allows them to troubleshoot their network and application performance issues. However, such tools usually need highly performant appliances and are often too costly for smaller enterprises. VaaS allows SMBs to benefit from expensive and powerful solutions at an affordable monthly rate, which are normally used only by big enterprises.

For MSPs, VaaS is an opportunity to enhance their managed service offering visibility services to their customers. With the LiveAction suite, MSPs can provide a variety of visibility offerings - from infrastructure and application performance visibility to SD-WAN end-to-end performance visibility. These can provide significant and recurring revenue to MSPs who can combine their visibility service with auditing services.

MSPs will be able to simplify operations with tools that automate repetitive workflows and the ability to monitor SD-WAN performance will let them identify issues even before their customers. Furthermore, MSPs will be able to solidify customer retention with innovative service offerings, customised to individual customers’ needs.

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