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Linxens continues to craft the future of connections

November 2018 by Patrick LEBRETON

One year after revealing its complete product range of secure contact and contactless solutions for smartcard Microconnectors and RFID Inlays and Antennas, Linxens continues its transformation.

Supported by its new reference shareholder, Linxens, the leading technology company providing component-based solutions for security and identification, confirms it ambition to conquer new markets and further diversify its product portfolio.

In a phygital world where the interlacing of our physical and digital lives is ever more apparent, Linxens will remain at the forefront by bringing even more secure connectivity solutions to the market.

Crafting the future alongside a new shareholder

2018 has been a defining year for Linxens: Tsinghua Unigroup became their reference shareholder, giving rise to synergies that will fuel business development opportunities.

Keeping ahead of the market

Linxens boasts four R&D centers, dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, and its ability to successfully manufacture reliable, high quality products on a large scale is underlined by the success of one of its more recent products, OptiSIM, with more than 2 billion pieces delivered since mid-2017. Building on its proven excellence and know-how with innovations such as dLoc and Edgelink, Linxens confirms its ability to accurately respond to the needs of its clients around the world. dLoc brings together the irrefutable security of blockchain and the convenience of NFC to create a system to manage and authenticate vital records. Meanwhile, in response to the market demand for dual interface smartcards, Edgelink’s copper wire antenna, embedded connecting pad and module connector integrate seamlessly into any smartcard in a very easy and cost optimized way.

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