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University Hospital Wurzburg is using the WebData Control solution from Avanite, deployed by Ivanti

October 2018 by Patrick LEBRETON

Web data control solutions have helped the University Hospital Wurzburg to reduce Windows web cache sizes by 95%, dramatically reducing login times

One of Germany’s leading University hospitals is using the WebData Control solution from web data management vendor Avanite, deployed by service and asset management specialist Ivanti, to improve its users’ productivity on its Windows environment. The University Hospital Wurzburg (UKW) is using WebData Control together with Ivanti’s Environment Manager to reduce login times for its users, improving their IT experience and increasing the amount of time that staff can spend helping patients.

UKW’s issue stemmed from web data bloat, an issue that is increasingly problematic for organisations. Web data bloat is caused by the huge volume of data generated by simple web browsing and using web-based applications slows user login times. With 6,300 staff serving nearly 69,000 inpatients and 260,000 outpatients each year, UKW could not afford to allow any part of its IT infrastructure to slow down its staff.

Andreas Thiele, Head of Identity & Client Management at UKW, explained: "With a large and growing number of users, our systems were coming under increasing pressure to support all required user profiles, drastically slowing down logon times and impacting our overall productivity. Most pressingly, this loss of productivity reduced not just the number of patients our staff could see but also the amount of time they could spend with them.

UKW began working with Ivanti to improve the user experience, and asked for their assistance in tackling its web data bloat. Ivanti recommended Avanite’s WebData Control solution, alongside Ivanti’s Environment Manager solution, which accelerates logon speeds and delivers a personalized user experience across mixed Windows desktop infrastructure.

Since deploying WebData Control alongside Environment Manager, UKW has seen a 95% reduction in Webcachev01.dat database size, 99% reduction in the number of cookies stored on disk and a 66% reduction in web history in database. As a result, the hospital has seen a dramatic reduction in user login and log-off times, a reduction in the size of user profiles leading to cost reductions due to lower data storage capacity requirements, and better control over what data is stored.

Francesco Giarletta, Founder and Director at Avanite Limited, said: “Web data bloat is a significant drain on organisations’ IT resources, and impacts on users’ productivity – taking up time that UKW could not afford to waste. Our WebData Control solution is the only software available today which has been designed specifically to address these issues, and we are proud to have enabled the hospital to get control of the problem and focus on their work rather than waiting to log in to systems.”

WebData Control is the only solution that reduces the size of users’ web browser databases, and gives administrators full control over users’ browsing data to ensure that only required information is kept. The Avanite solution can reduce the size of WebCache files by 80 to 90%, and the number of cookies in a typical WebCache from typically 5,000 or more to a few hundred.

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