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Laptops, tablets and smartphones top online poll of items UK adults would save if their home was on fire

September 2012 by Kaspersky

As we become increasingly reliant on technology in our day to day lives, technology has also entered into the nations hearts with 1 in 5 (21 per cent) UK adults saying that they would save their laptop, tablet or smartphone in the unlikely event that their house was on fire, according to a new online survey by YouGov Plc for Kaspersky Lab. Despite admitting this, a large percentage of the population still don’t protect these items from a far more likely cybercriminal attack.

When asked to imagine that their house was on fire and they could save one object from a list (assuming that all people and pets were safe), laptops, tablet computers or smartphones topped the list. The percentage increased to 35 per cent when talking just to the younger generation (18-24 year olds).

The survey of 2,111 UK adults online aged 18 and over found that just five per cent would save letters, perhaps indicating that most memorable or special letters from loved ones are now saved on personal computers or smartphones. Five per cent would save jewellery, three per cent would save their favourite doll or cuddly toy and just two per cent would save an antique.

The research showed that photography is obviously close to the nation’s heart as 21 per cent said that they would save printed photographs (those in frames or albums) a number which is destined to fall as the majority of photographs are increasingly being saved digitally. Two per cent said they would save their camera.

Despite a laptop, tablet or smartphone being the number one item we would save from a house fire, a significant number of users are still reckless in terms of online security. In fact 65 per cent of smartphone owners, 16 per cent of laptop owners and 50 per cent of Macbook owners have still not taken steps to protect their device from cybercriminals leaving a wealth of personal information, photographs and memorable emails or texts at risk of being lost forever[1].

“We are a nation of technology lovers. Where once we might have run back into a burning building to save a treasured piece of jewellery or a priceless antique, we would now prefer to save our laptop, tablet or smartphone.” Said David Emm, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab. “With all our most treasured memories and personal information saved on these devices, it seems crazy that UK consumers are still not protecting them from the silent attack of a cybercriminal.”

Perhaps the most bizarre finding from the study showed that 11 per cent of those asked, said they would attempt save their car keys – an item with little monetary or sentimental value and which would be easily replicated following a fire.

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[1] Results based on a survey by Harris Interactive, conducted in February and March 2012 among almost 9,000 consumers from the USA, Russia, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain. The full report on the survey by Harris Interactive is available at:

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