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LG hit by WannaCry attack: Comment from Malwarebytes

August 2017 by Jovi Umawing, Malware Intelligence Researcher at Malwarebytes

It’s been reported that LG Electronics have been hit by ransomware that uses malicious code that could signal another WannaCry attack. Jovi Umawing, Malware Intelligence Researcher at Malwarebytes comments :

"No country is safe from ransomware, WannaCry showed it doesn’t discriminate against who it targets. And it appears to have resurfaced this week as South Korean officials reported LG Electronics to be hit by the same malicious code as WannaCry.

"There are several worms that are constantly scanning the Internet for vulnerable hosts. WannaCry - which never really went away - and its variants with or without the killswitch are one of them. Therefore existing infected machines will continue to ’broadcast’ to the outside until they are taken offline. In the meantime, any computer that has its SMB ports exposed and where the patches haven’t been applied, will be compromised when it comes up online.

Although ransomware is what most are focused on at the moment, remember that other malware can also take advantage of a number of vulnerabilities that WannaCry attacks. The worm, MicroBotMassiveNet, is one example. We cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping and maintaining an up-to-date system."

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