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KuppingerCole’s European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

May 2015 by KuppingerCole

KuppingerCole’s European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015, Europe’s leading event for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC), as well as Cloud Security, opened today in Munich, Germany. For the 9th time KuppingerCole has brought together 45 exhibitors and more than 600 participants including most of Europe’s and the world’s leading vendors, end users, thought leaders, visionaries and analysts.

With four parallel tracks, more than 150 international speakers and experts, and many Best Practice presentations, EIC 2015 provides participants with a comprehensive overview of future trends in Internet security as well as practical information about current projects.

“This year, there will be a lot of talk about Billions of things as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), uncountable apps and devices, humans, services, all coming together”, Jörg Resch, Managing director at KuppingerCole, states. “Managing these identities and the access from and to these is a critical success factor in the Digital Transformation of Businesses."

“But of course we do not forget the ’down to earth’ topics like Identity and Access Management/Governance or Cloud Security”, says Resch. EIC 2015 as always is a mix of forward looking presentations and concrete best practice advice. “I strongly recommend looking at the new KuppingerCole ‘best practice’ subscription, providing you access to our knowledge from more than ten years of advisory in a ready-to-use format, helping you reducing your project cost and risk” mentions Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal Analyst of KuppingerCole.

The European Identity and Cloud Conference 2015 provides an overall perspective on the future of information security. Identity and Access

Management/Governance serves as the basis for securing user access to information and systems and plays a major role in the conference’s agenda. The Transformation of "traditional" IT into a key enabler for growth and competitiveness as well as Cloud and Mobile Security as the new digital business essentials are covered in detail. Cyber Security has to reinvent itself: The Internet of Everything, the Connected Enterprise and Mobility demand new approaches. Furthermore in Privacy and Data Security more control should be given to the user. These are further key topics of this year’s European and Cloud Conference presentations.

“One notable positive change is the increase in the percentage of end users at the conference, which continues to constitute the largest group of EIC participants”, according to Bettina Buthmann, Event Manager at KuppingerCole. Once again the European Identity and Cloud Conference 2015, with the EIC Exhibition, a world class list of speakers, and a unique mix of best practices, presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership and analyst views is the must-attend event of 2015 where you can discover the latest trends in, and get up to date information on the field of information security.

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