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KuppingerCole Announces New and Innovative Shortlisting Tool

January 2023 by Marc Jacob

Cybersecurity analyst firm KuppingerCole Analysts announces the upcoming launch of KC Open Select, a new tool aiming at facilitating businesses’ decision making in choosing new cybersecurity and IAM software. The first release will focus on Passwordless Authentication solutions.

It’s a fact: the cybersecurity and IAM market is saturated with numerous solutions, and the choosing process can be lengthy and challenging for cybersecurity teams who cannot afford to put in hours of research in each tool. To help organizations reach decisions more quickly and accurately when it comes to choosing new tools, KuppingerCole designed KC Open Select.

KC Open Select is a free and online tool that allows organizations to enter their own specific requirements and to receive a list of tools that respond to them, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Each tool’s profile is displayed is a clear way via a spider chart.

The content of KC Open Select is based on KuppingerCole’s research. Since 2004, the company has been publishing numerous reports and analysis through its Leadership and Market Compasses. KC Open Select allows users to get this data in a more concise, digestible and user-friendly manner.

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