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KuppingerCole Analysts predicts CIAM Market to grow to 4.55 bn USD by 2025 

February 2023 by KuppingerCole

The CIAM market has grown steadily over the past years, and the market volume is expected to reach 4.55 billion USD by 2025. KuppingerCole Analysts research predicts a CAGR of 13.1 %. The largest market for CIAM is North America with 43.1 %, followed closely by EMEA with a share of 37.8%. APAC and LATAM show lower adoption, but we expect to see a significant growth in these regions in the coming years.

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a part of the broader IAM market. CIAM solutions are designed to address specific technical requirements that consumer-facing organizations have and that differ from traditional Business-to-Employee (B2E) use cases.

CIAM systems allow users to register, associate device and other digital identities, authenticate, authorize, collect, and store information about consumers from across many domains. Unlike workforce IAM systems, information about consumers often stems from various unauthoritative sources. Information collected about consumers can be used for many different purposes, such as authorization to resources or for marketing analytics. It also plays a vital role for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulatory compliance. CIAM systems must be able to manage many millions of identities and to process tens of millions and more logins and other transactions per day. SaaS-based delivery of CIAM services is the norm.

KuppingerCole Analysts calculates the market volume size by solely taking into consideration software licenses fees, maintenance fees, and subscription fees. Those elements are the most prominent indicators of a market’s evolution. Professional services revenues are not considered. KuppingerCole provides information about the size of the professional services market as well as many other details such as geographical splits and splits per size of the customer organizations in a full analysis. For accessing the full details of market sizing analysis, please contact
KuppingerCole Analysts is an international and independent IT-analyst organization headquartered in Europe with presence worldwide. The company provides market sizing information and reports for IAM, Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Market, assuring a neutral position with extensive expertise and practical relevance.

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