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Kaspersky comment Largest database of stolen data reaches 10bln hacked records

July 2020 by David Emm, Principal security Researcher at Kaspersky

Following the news that the world’s largest database of stolen data has almost reached the milestone of obtaining 10 billion hacked records, David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky comments on the need to ensure all passwords and different and complex.

“With the news that the world’s largest database of stolen data, Have I Been Pwned, has almost reached a major milestone of 10 billion hacked records, it’s evident that we’re not doing enough to secure our online accounts. Recent research has also predicted that around 38% of people never update their passwords and that a third of brits use the same password for streaming services such as Netflix as they do for more sensitive accounts like online banking. Such a poor attitude towards passwords security can have huge implications for consumers, whether they realise it or not. It’s vitally important that consumers are using different and obscure passwords that ensure their data is fully protected. The best way for this to be achieved is by using a password manager that randomly uses a selection of numerical and alphabetical digits as well as symbols to meet maximum protection requirements.”

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