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Kaspersky comment: Labour Party experienced a ‘cyber-attack’

November 2019 by Kaspersky

Following today’s news that the Labour Party experienced a ‘cyber-attack’ on its digital platforms, the comment from Kaspersky, as well as top tips for all organisations to protect themselves against such attacks:

“We see DDoS attacks being leveraged against political parties frequently – it is almost commonplace, especially in the run-up to elections. Our latest DDoS figures show a huge spike in overall activity in September 2019 – whilst the average duration of sophisticated DDoS attacks in Q3 2019 has almost doubled compared to Q3 2018. To ensure they are safe against such attacks, all organisations must regularly review their information security processes – not just during heightened threat periods – and educate staff on how to keep their own, and others’, information secure.”

Kaspersky recommends organisations also taking the following steps:
• Ensure that web and IT resources can handle high traffic
• Learn in advance how to contact your internet service provider in the event of being hit by a DDoS attack
• Implement professional solutions to protect your organisation against attacks.

For example, Kaspersky DDoS Protection combines extensive expertise in combating cyberthreats and the company’s unique in-house developments. The solution protects against all types of DDoS attacks regardless of their complexity, strength or duration.

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