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Kaspersky comment: Hackers targeted Covid vaccine supply ’cold chain’

December 2020 by Maria S. Namestnikova, Head of GReAT, Russia

Following the news that the international vaccine supply chain has been targeted by cyber-espionage, the comment from Maria S. Namestnikova, Head of GReAT, Russia.

Maria S. Namestnikova, Head of GReAT, Russia said “Threat actors are continuing to pivot and exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to carry out highly advanced cyberattacks with this latest attack on the COVID-19 vaccine. Recently, Kaspersky and several other cybersecurity companies have noted a growing interest on the part of APT threat actors in vaccine developments. During the first six months of research on a COVID-19 vaccine, there were only messages from Western intelligence agencies on the WellMess attacks against drug developers. Now, in just the past few weeks, the cybersecurity community has reported attempts to compromise researchers in the USA, South Korea, Canada, France and India. Some of this activity is reported to have been linked North Korean actors. In general, we believe that interest from APT actors in vaccine development will continue to grow, and that these attacks will be leveraged as part of a geopolitical strategy. Thus, false flags, for example, email addresses with an .ru domain—a technique already used by some threat actors—may be used to try to deflect suspicion from the attackers, leading to potential geopolitical disputes."

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