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JupiterOne and Cisco Announce Launch of Secure Cloud Insights

November 2021 by Marc Jacob

JupiterOne and Cisco announced the launch of Secure Cloud Insights, an expanded cloud security and security operations partnership designed to provide businesses with a range of cybersecurity services. This new solution helps Cisco customers achieve a higher level of maturity with their digital transformation and security program, previously unachievable due to the growing complexity and sheer amount of security operations data in modern cyber infrastructure.

When you connect JupiterOne’s advanced cyber asset context and powerful query abilities with the expansive XDR capabilities from Cisco’s SecureX platform, it’s like seeing a whole new world. Customers gain visibility, efficiency, and speed for their entire security operations team, with combined context from situational awareness and structural data. Cisco security customers can now determine the blast radius for any attack surface of their cloud-native processes, applications, and more. JupiterOne help teams fast-track investigation and response with the ability to query and answer the questions that matter — not only the “What” but the “So what” in seconds.

Cisco first recognized the value of JupiterOne as a customer solving the complex data problem that large enterprise security teams typically face. Soon after implementation, Cisco became an investor, fueling the vision, recognizing the value, and validating the product strategy that JupiterOne delivers to their customers.

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