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Joachim Levy, CEO at 1702ai : We are an extra pair of eyes for your Video Management System

August 2019 by Marc Jacob

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with a test lab in Israel, 1702ai’s team is composed of a dozen people, spread accross three continents including North America.
1702ai video analytic tool connects to any CCTV stream and is able to detect weapons such as guns and knives in real-time.
CEO and founder Joachim Levy, describes his system as a second pair of eyes which is currently much needed for any video surveillance system.

Global Security Mag: Can you introduce 1702ai:

Joachim Levy: It all started during the knife attacks that occurred in Israel about years ago.
Indeed, at that time we created a VR tool for CCTV and a programming error kept detecting a knife on one of our office tables. As we managed to repeat that error, a senior security export advised us to focus on detecting knives using CCTV streams.
As a result, we created our first knife detector which was made of 1702 knife images coming from real terror attacks footage. That’s how it all started and the reason why we named our company 1702ai. During the summer of 2017, our protoype was ready and we showed it to the Israeli Police who pushed us to deliver an MVP.

In no time, we found oursleves pitching our tech at the accelerator of The Israel Security Agency which is a collaboration between NEC computers and Tel Aviv University.

Since then our pace evolved. We won the GovTech Pioneers BRZ contest which landed us on our first government contract and since then lots of intergrators are contacting us to acquire our solution.
In parallel, our gun detector was created and can successfully detect small guns such as .22 caliber from a distance of up to 6 meters from the object to the film plane of a standard HD CCTV camera.
Our entire process is fully automated and when a weapon is detected we emit an alert in real-time without requiring a connection to the web or the cloud.

Today, we only work with integrators such as behemoth G4S or smaller ones.

Global Security Mag: How does your solution work?

Joachim Levy: First of all, our system - named Samson - is a real-time weapon detetcor that works with standard and already installed CCTV cameras that posses at least a resolution of 1920x1080.
Our detector uses Nvidia embedded computing devices (we are in their Inception Program) which allows us to rule out cloud processing issues.

We are ahead of the apex for the following reasons: first of all, Samson works and performs in real-time with or without the cloud, additionally; Samson is agnostic to both the camera brands and VMS used (Video Management System).

Our weapon detector works indoors as well as outdoors and deployment is very easy. The install is fully automated and requires minimal work from the integrator. Our system is also GDRP compliant. Finally, the end-user, in case of false positive, can retrain the ai so that the detector becomes more intelligent.

You can find a demo of our solution by clicking on the following link:

Global Security Mag: What is your marketing strategy?

Joachim Levy : Our solution is tailored towards most type of business’ from SMB to large scale enterprises. Today, our clients are the Austrian Government, the largest Mediterranean integrator and a few Israeli entities that are in the military sector. Samson is also designed to be deployed in large systems that are found in airports, shopping malls, hotels and schools.

Global Security Mag: What is your message to our readers?

Joachim Levy : Our system provides a second pair of eyes to your existing VMS and looks at your screens 24/7. Combined with a machine-man approach, the system becomes very effective, however it does not prevent acts of terror but when it detects and alert, it helps teams to receive instant situation awareness, which is mission critical.

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