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Jean-Noel de Galzain, CEO of Wallix: We want to conquer Spain and South America

September 2019 by Marc Jacob

WALLIX has just acquired two companies in July Trustelem, a Lyon-based company specializing in IDAAS and a Spanish startup: Simarks, a specialist in PEDM -Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management. Jean-Noel de Galzain, CEO of Wallix believes that these acquisitions should have a double impact for his firm to improve the protection of access and open up to Spain and South America.

GS Mag: You just acquired two companies in July which is not common for a French company, what are your goals?

Jean-Noel de Galzain: In the first half of the year, we completed the acquisition of Trustelem, a Lyon-based technological startup specializing in IDAAS, Identity As A Service, as well as the acquisition of a Spanish startup, Simarks. This company is a specialist of PEDM -Privileged Elevation and Delegation Management - securing accesses to the workstations of a company, and a protection against malwares.
We aim to innovate and propose new solutions to protect the accesses, the identities and the data of our customers, in a digital world. Simarks also allows us to open WALLIX in Spain, and to plan Latin America’s deployments.

GS Mag: How long should you integrate these two companies?

Jean-Noel de Galzain: We prepared the integration of both companies very early, during all the summer, in order to be able to offer new products & services early in september, to train our pre-sales, our sales representatives and partners.
We will be ready for the end of September when we are going to launch innovations around the Bastion/PAM extended with our new offers in the IDAAS and the PEDM to secure the workstations of our customers. The story continues and we will show all these news at ITSA in Germany, Cybertech in Italy, Les Assises at Monaco and a lot of other exhibitions in the USA, Europe and Middle East Africa…

GS Mag: How will you position your offers commercially?

Jean-Noel de Galzain: Our new offers are delivered in a SAAS mode to keep in line with our philosophy to deliver excellence in cybersecurity combined with simplicity and return on investment. We will be one of the only market players able to propose a complete offer with IAM, PAM and PEDM. Our integrators and value added resellers will be fully involved in the dissemination of our messages and the distribution of our new range of solutions.
In addition, we are determined to invest in the business integration of our technologies to bring new solutions for Industry 4.0 and IoT. We will quickly communicate on this subject.

GS Mag: What are your plans for the end of 2019?

Jean-Noel de Galzain: By the end of the year, we are working on the evolution of our roadmap and our organization in order to be able to deliver, provide expertise and support to our customers and partners in all regions of the world where we are distributed.
We will soon release a quality survey of our ecosystem (partners and customers) that highlights the trust we have created around the WALLIX brand. In addition, we will expand our training offer "WALLIX Academy" for the end customers more and more "users" of PAM.
Actually we continue to look for external growth opportunities in order to federate the best of European technology offerings around IAM and cloud based cyber security services, in Europe and North America.

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GS Mag: what would your message be to CSO and IT manager?

Jean-Noel de Galzain: Whether you need to innovate, to comply or simply to find an immediate solution for a cybersecurity problem identified around the PAM-PEDM or the IAM, you have to choose a trusted partner to accompany you technically, economically and humanely in the short and long term. With WALLIX, equip yourself with a trusted partner referenced by Gartner, Forrester and KuppingerCole, with clients in 55 countries, whose key motivation is building great success stories with customers.
This is surely what makes 98% of our customers recommend WALLIX around them, 100% of our partners are planning to renew their partnership. See you soon at the Assises in Monaco, at Cybertech in Italy, at ITSA in Germany, and in many other upcoming exhibitions around the world ...

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