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Interview: Fortinet Russia

August 2016 by Anna Zabora InfoSecurity Russia

Information Security Magazine by InfoSecurity Russia met with Alexey Andriyashin, Lead Systems Engineer at Fortinet Russia and asked him about Fortinet vision of Russian market, how the import substitution influenced Fortinet policy and which market gaps can be successfully filled up by interna-tional companies.

Alexey believes that any crisis can be perceived from a positive standpoint. Fortinet office in Russia is constantly growing and as Alexey stated, import substitution made it possible for Fortinet to get in-volved in even more intensive development.

"... now is a good time for new players to enter the market and try to integrate with existing solu-tions..."

Alexey explained, that many traditional suppliers are now experiencing difficulties as customers are reviewing their budgets and now is a good time to offer some interesting new products that are differ-ent from traditional solutions.

Read the full version of the interview in InfoSecurity Russia official blog.

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Anna Zabora
InfoSecurity Russia
Project Coordinator
Groteck Business Media
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