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Industry comment from Arbor Networks - IBM report

June 2017 by Arbor Networks

Following today’s release of IBM’s new global study exploring the implications and effects of data breaches on today’s businesses, the comments from Darren Anstee, Chief Technology Officer at Arbor Networks.

“The survey results make it clear that the time taken to contain a breach has a direct bearing on the cost. Threat triage, investigation and containment are processes carried out by people that need technology to support their efforts. The technology needs to allow our people to get true visibility into what is going on, rather than simply providing huge amounts of data that has to be manually trawled through.”

“The survey shows that a unified set of consistent regulatory requirements can lower overall costs. However, we have to be careful that we don’t focus too much on compliance at the expense of adopting new technologies and processes that can help us reduce overall risk.”

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