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Imperva Delivers Enterprise-Class Application and Data Security to Microsoft Azure

May 2016 by Coline Magne

Imperva announced the availability of Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall and Database Activity Monitoring Agents for Microsoft Azure cloud computing services.

With SecureSphere, enterprises that embrace Azure can now trust that their data and applications are protected regardless of where they’re stored—in-the-cloud and on-premises.

Azure enables organizations to deploy mission-critical applications in the cloud to scale with the pace of business and reduce operational costs. As companies move their applications and data to the cloud, securing the valuable assets they deploy there from web attacks, data theft and failed audits becomes a heightened organizational priority. Failure to deploy proper security solutions could counteract the cost-savings benefit of the cloud migration—replaced instead with expensive breach investigations, downtime and lawsuits.

Key benefits of utilizing SecureSphere in conjunction with Azure include:

- Migration of security with applications hosted on the Azure cloud infrastructure;

- The same level of security in the cloud as is delivered on-premises;

- Migrated applications will meet compliance standards;

- Flexible annual subscription-based pricing model on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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