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ImmuniWeb Community Edition 2.0 delivers turbocharged free web, mobile and dark web security testing

November 2020 by Marc Jacob

ImmuniWeb’s Community Edition has been enhanced with new features and functionality for better and faster testing of web and mobile security, phishing detection and Dark Web monitoring.

ImmuniWeb is excited to see a daily number of Community Edition tests rapidly surpassing the bar of 100,000 free tests. At ImmuniWeb, we believe that foundational application security and related cyber resilience capacities should be available to anyone at no cost, rather like a basic income. This is why at ImmuniWeb, the Community Edition is free and easily accessible to everyone round the clock.

Our software engineers are continuously working to make Community Edition better and faster, and we are grateful to our growing audience for bringing new ideas on how to make it even more comprehensive and inclusive. Today, we are happy to announce a major update labelled Community Edition 2.0. for the wide spectrum of substantial improvements:

Among the major improvements for ImmuniWeb’s free Website Security Test are:
• Detection of over 300 CMS and web frameworks with over 160,000 plugins and extensions.
• Detection of over 8,900 JS libraries from 6,800 vendors with a total of over 200,000 versions.
• Detection and testing of mobile version of a website if different from desktop version.
• Enhanced GDPR testing for multilanguage versions of privacy policies.
• Enhanced WAF fingerprinting and detection.

Among the major improvements for ImmuniWeb’s free Mobile Security Test are:
• Additional privacy and security tests from OWASP MSTG and MASVS guidelines.
• Testing Android applications from 3 new Android App Stores: Huawei, Mi and F-Droid.
• Testing iOS applications from Cydia to enable jailbroken users to test their apps too.
• Better DAST testing thanks to automated SSL-pining bypass.
• Testing of obfuscated applications.

Among the major improvements for ImmuniWeb’s free Dark Web Exposure Test are:
• Deeper insights on the Dark Web incident including risk-scoring and incident types.
• Detection of a larger number of phishing and fraud websites thanks to in-house honeypots.
• Detection of a larger number of malware websites thanks to new threat intelligence lists.
• Better detection of cyber and typo-squatting thanks to Machine Learning technology.
• Storage of relevant details of malicious resources to facilitate investigations.

Furthermore, each free test of the Community Edition now can be accessed via a premium API to make unlimited number of tests per day. The premium API can be easily purchased online in a few clicks, and then used for testing via the Community Edition web interface or as a traditional API. Moreover, corporate users can now securely share the number of supplementary tests, provided by the premium API, with their colleagues who have email address on the same domain name.

Public schools, universities, local governmental entities and non-for-profit organizations duly registered in their countries can get the premium API for free to monitor and protect their resources and stakeholders without spending their scarce budgets amid the pandemic.

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