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IBM Unveils SecureStore to Help Protect Retailers and Consumers from Physical and Electronic Theft

October 2008 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

IBM announced SecureStore, a new way to provide retailers with cost-effective solutions to help reduce the billions of dollars of losses caused each year by physical theft, electronic data breaches and compliance violations.

Retailers today in every segment are under tremendous pressure to protect margins amid a “perfect storm” of business risk: reventing physical loss, increasingly perpetrated by organized criminal groups; Protecting against database breaches and other electronic threats, often perpetrated by those same criminal groups; Complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations for customer data protection.

SecureStore delivers a comprehensive framework for protecting against online and physical risks that can help retailers reduce losses from theft, prevent brand and financial damage from data breaches and help reduce the cost and complexity of complying with PCI and other regulations.

In addition to helping protect retailers from organized retail crimes and in store losses, the SecureStore framework can help retailers provide consumers with more protection from identity theft, stolen credit card information and fraudulent purchases. Recent studies show that most shoppers will take their business elsewhere if they find out their personal information was compromised. With SecureStore, retailers can help allay consumer concerns, while safeguarding themselves against financial losses or harm to their brands.

SecureStore is a framework of products and services divided into four logical categories:

- Management: IBM Internet Security Systems (IBM ISS) is currently one of only four globally certified PCI assessors in the world. This makes IBM ISS uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive PCI assessments.

- Network: SecureStore brings together IBM’s comprehensive security offerings from its ISS, Rational and Tivoli business units to help protect databases and applications from network-based threats. The network is the vector through which most data breaches occur; however it is critical for retailers to also deploy technology that protects applications and databases.

- Assets: IBM’s next-generation Smart Surveillance and item-level RFID systems lead the SecureStore framework’s array of solutions for helping to protect physical assets from both internal and external threats. The SecureStore framework provides solutions to help track, manage and monitor the movement of inventory and the maintenance of fixed assets.

- Transactions: SecureStore provides comprehensive security technologies for helping to protect both online and in-store transactions. Additionally, IBM can deliver security rich, service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based electronic transaction solutions for the entire retail supply chain. SecureStore helps drive fraud out of the process by helping to protect the identity of transaction parties and the integrity of transaction themselves.


SecureStore is available immediately and retailers can contact their IBM representatives to begin the assessment process.

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