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How Secure is Your Corporate Wi-Fi Network? Test it With SecPoint

March 2009 by SecPoint

With WPA encryption already being cracked, and hackers harnessing graphics cards to break wireless keys in minutes, firms should look at SecPoint’s wireless testing product the Penetrator to ensure their networks are secure...

Network experts have recently demonstrated how to detect a wireless network 3.6km away using a metal pole; how to break the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) key that WPA uses in under 15 minutes; and how to speed up encryption key cracking 10,000 times by graphics card processors in a business network.

In short, there has never been a more urgent time to protect a corporate wireless network than now.

SecPoint’s newly-released Portable Penetrator 6.6 combines all of the latest hacking and cracking tools to offer the most comprehensive penetration testing kit available, and it can now crack wireless networks 300% faster.

“We want to deliver the ultimate IT Security Penetration Testing unit to the customer,“ explains Victor Christiansenn CEO of SecPoint.

“This allows the customer to perform real-life hacking attacks on their own networks, including breaking the security of their Wi-Fi networks. And of course the Portable Penetrator will show the customer how to fix all the discovered vulnerabilities!“

Now into its 12th year, Wi-Fi is the most stable and reliable wireless networking technology around, but it is constantly being undermined by fresh threats.

The Portable Penetrator vulnerability database consists of more than 10 years of research. The database has a total of more than 10,000 unique remote vulnerabilities to test for and its database is updated multiple times every day.

Users of the Penetrator can launch real exploits to verify that an identified vulnerability is exploitable. It is even possible to launch real Denial of Service attacks to test pre-production systems for stability.

Interest in corporate network data protection is estimated to have tripled in the last 12 months alone, with the costs of having a corporate network breached already well-documented.

In 2007, retail chain T.J. Maxx was upgrading from WEP to WPA wireless encryption when one of the most widely-publicised data breaches in history saw hundreds of millions of its customers’ credit card numbers stolen.


* New DHCP Functionality easily connects to DHCP networks and cracked wireless networks. The wireless WPA and WPA2 cracking is faster in getting the handshake.
* Change IP address without rebooting for fast setups at customer site.
* One click entry to the Wi-Fi network after the key has been cracked.
* Updates to the scanner engine for faster scanning
* Starts in Graphical User Interface automatically if you have a Portable Penetrator.
* New offline mode where you can set it to offline mode for presentations so that the system status indicators will say perfect and browsing in menus is faster.
* Updates to the vulnerability output in the reports so you also see the attack string.

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