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HelpSystems Data Classification Solutions Named in Now Tech: Data Discovery and Classification Q4 2020 Report

November 2020 by Marc Jacob

HelpSystems, a technology and data security company providing data classification solutions which enable customers to effectively protect data, enforce controls and manage data distribution, announced that its two flagship data classification providers, Boldon James and Titus, have been named in the recent Forrester Now Tech Q4 2020 Report.

Based on Forrester’s independent overview of vendors’ capabilities and market presence, the Now Tech Q4 2020 Report provides security and risk professionals with an of the value that can be expected from data discovery and classification providers.

One of the main takeaways from the report relates to how security and risk professionals can improve data protection with data discovery and classification. It outlines how this is a foundational capability for organisations to develop in order to optimise efforts for security, privacy, and compliance. It also highlights the underlying principle that organisations cannot protect what they don’t know they have.

In the report, Forrester defines sensitive data discovery and classification as: “The capability to provide visibility into where sensitive data is located, identify what this sensitive data is and why it’s considered sensitive, and tag or label this data based on its level of sensitivity.”

Solution providers listed in the report are divided into three categories, large, mid-sized and small. Titus is listed in the large section (greater than $50M in annual category revenue) and Boldon James appears in the mid-size section in the $10M to $50M in annual category revenue. Both organisations were described as specialists in data classification.

The report states that data discovery and classification capabilities are in high demand partially driven by privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA raising the stakes when it comes to understanding data. The report notes how major standalone platform providers Titus and Boldon James were acquired by HelpSystems in 2020.

The report outlines that organisations invest in data discovery and classification technology for three main reasons, to:

1. Gain greater visibility and understanding of their sensitive data.
2. Secure sensitive data with appropriate controls and policies.
3. Support compliance, privacy, and ethical data use.

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