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Global Launch of Zemana’s Groundbreaking Real-Time Deepfake Detection SDK at GITEX 2019

October 2019 by Patrick LEBRETON

Zemana launches its newest product, Deepfake Detection SDK. This Software Development Kit supports real-time detection of deepfake videos, fake audio, and fake visual content, and can be easily integrated into a wide range of platforms.

Cybersecurity faces an emerging threat known as “deepfakes”, the most powerful cyber-weapon in history. Deepfakes are AI-generated synthetic media, typically forged video footage. This kind of "fakery" was once limited to the film industry and intelligence agencies. Now AI advances have democratized it. Ordinary users can download deepfake software and create convincing videos smearing politicians, celebrities and company executives. The cyber security industry has only a short time to get ahead before the collapse of public trust in any media. There is a clear need to focus on creating solid detection algorithms.

After months of intensive research, Zemana has designed Deepfake Detection SDK. This enables developers to add a multi-layered detection engine to a range of platforms. This will enable governments, social media sites, instant messaging apps, and news and media organizations to detect AI-made forgery in digital content before they cause harm to society.

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