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G DATA reminds some safety tips for enjoying your skiing holiday

January 2008 by G DATA

Book online his skiing holiday is the great trend of the moment! Stay prepared before, very attractive prices (up - 50% for the rental of equipment), the benefits are very real. But beware: lodging, ski equipment, ski lessons ... require several bookings online, with professionals but also with individuals in France and abroad. Hence many risks: identity banking theft, Trojans...

G DATA reminds some safety tips for enjoying your skiing holiday:

1 / Install an antivirus software and a firewall to detect and stop intrusions and theft of bank data. 2 / Check the updated version of Windows but also WinZip, Acrobat Reader, Flash and Quicktime whose weaknesses are often use by cyber criminals to harm. 3 / Delete all messages that require codes and delete mails from unknown people. 4 / Avoid using USB key from others which can contain viruses. 5 / During online purchase, look after the authenticity of the website. Normally, the url starts with https: / /. 6 / Once the order realized on the Internet, it is imperative to "disconnect” your account to close the current session.

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