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Fujitsu comment: Cyber-attacks are as big a threat to the UK as terrorism

October 2017 by Marc Jacob

In response to the news that the head of GCHQ has said that cyber-attacks are as big a threat to the UK as terrorism, the comment from Rob Norris, VP Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security EMEIA at Fujitsu.

“Digital is the new frontline of national security. The reality is that with the growth of our digital infrastructure, everywhere from government services to power and water supplies, cyber-attacks now represent a critical threat. Cyber criminals are constantly growing in sophistication and using new tactics including artificial intelligence to attack key targets. As well as lone actors and organised crime groups, we now face the threat of state sponsored attacks. In the future, it’s entirely conceivable that we could see global conflicts carried out largely, if not entirely, through cyber warfare.

“That of course means that our national security infrastructure must keep up, with continuing investment in GCHQ, for example. It’s also vital that we inform employees and the public about the basic principles of cyber security, as in many cases they may be on the front line of attacks. It is not only down to GCHQ to protect our digital borders and critical national infrastructure; it is everyone’s responsibility to recognise the threat and educate employees to respond accordingly. By acknowledging the national importance of cyber security and taking preventative measures, we can ensure we are adequately prepared for the challenges to come.”

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