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Frost & Sullivan crowns Beyond Security as the Best Vulnerability Management Value for Small-to-Midsized Businesses

March 2017 by Marc Jacob

Beyond Security, the provider of automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management and automated blackbox testing announced today that it has received the coveted recognition as the best VM value for small-to-midsized businesses in Frost & Sullivan’s January 2017 Vulnerability Management (VM) –Global Market Analysis.

According to the report, “The citation for best value for VM to small-to-midsized businesses (Small/ROBO) is as much about the dynamics of security tools for Small/ROBO as it is about what the vendors offer.” Moreover the report highlights the distinction between Beyond Security and fragmented vulnerability management vendors; “Beyond Security has a different scan philosophy. Many companies compare vulnerabilities against an established library of threats (some companies now have over 60,000 vulnerabilities in their libraries). Beyond Security looks at each threat and establishes the behavioral characteristics of each threat. Beyond Security determined that of the 50,000+ vulnerabilities it has examined, roughly 90% are behavioral-based attacks.”

In addressing Beyond Security’s approach to vulnerability management, Frost & Sullivan cited Beyond Security “for its accurate scan engine, smart pricing, availability of multiple deployment/purchasing options, and the versatility of its (AVDS) platform. While the citation applied to Small/ROBO, these foundation technologies are no less important to large companies and enterprises.”

Lastly, the report acknowledges Beyond Security’s VM incorporates network and Web Application Scanning as well as compliance reporting (including PCI, SOX and HIPAA reporting) into every system as a basic capability, not as extra price modules.

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