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First edition of "Dathack" – a challenge for innovation

January 2021 by Marc Jacob

In January 2021, consulting firm which expertise field is personal data protection DPO Consulting, launches a large-scale event: "Dathack", a challenge for innovation, which takes the form of a hackathon.

“Dathack” is a first!

The hackathon’s aim is to bring together the most brilliant minds in the world of data protection, in order to improve the regulations that currently apply.

Data protection professionals such as Data Protection Officers are confronted to daily problems with no clear and practical answer available -e.g. transfer of data outside the EU. Dathack’s participants, organized by teams of 2 to 5 people, will collaborate to produce a "deliverable" which will be the answer needed by the data protection experts. This deliverable is to be a reference in the world of DPOs, and more than that, a document on which public authorities can rely to produce a standard.

2021 theme is “New uses and data protection” with three resulting subjects:

- International data transfers
- Use of AI in marketing processes
- Execution of portability

The challenge is open to data protection professionals as well as to students and recent graduates having less than one year-professional experience. Each team is invited to choose the subject it feels is the most appropriate. At the end of the competition the winning professional team receives the "All stars" award while the student team wins the "Rookie" award.

Dathack starts on 01/28/2021 on the dedicated platform: dathack-mind-the-gap. The challenge takes place within 3 stages, final pitch being the highlight of the competition.

Step 1:
Registration then constitution of the team (deadline for application is 03/15/2021, i.e. 46 days after the platform’s opening). A brief deliverable containing the essential points which will lead to the future completed document is drafted.

Step 2: Selected teams at this point produce a “reference document”, which is the _ finalized deliverable related to the subject chosen. This document may be the one voted as the future reference within data protection world.

Step 3:
Final pitch takes place on 05/21/2021, a few days before the third GDPR’s anniversary. Each team is given the opportunity to present and defend its final document in front of a jury composed of professionals, teachers and institutions (e.g. BPI France, Europcar Mobility Group, Council of State, DPO Consulting).

By organizing Dathack, DPO Consulting creates an innovative event giving the opportunity for data protection community to improve its field of expertise by filling the grey areas of French, European and international law.

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