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Finjan Discovers more than 500 Mb of Stolen Medical, Business and Airline Data on Crimeware Servers in Argentina and Malaysia

June 2008 by Finjan

Finjan Inc. announced its discovery of a server controlled by hackers (Crimeserver) containing more than 500Mb of premium data. The data included healthcare and business related data, as well as personal identifiable information (stolen Social Security Numbers). This data is part of the premium offering that the cybercriminals operating the Crimeservers were selling to the highest bidder online.

The compromised data came from all around the world and contained information from individuals, businesses, airlines and healthcare providers. The report contains examples of compromised data that Finjan found on the Crimeserver, such as:

Compromised medical related data of hospitals and publicly owned healthcare providers
· Compromised business related data of a U.S. airline carrier
· Identity theft (stolen Social Security Numbers)

Some of the implications of stolen medical and patient data include: illegal and/or bogus treatments; obtaining prescription drugs for the purpose of selling them; loss of health coverage for the victimized patient; inaccurate records of victimized patients, which could result in incorrect and potentially harmful treatments. Healthcare providers could also face potential HIPAA violations or breach of general data protection legislation.

Finjan’s Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC) detected a Crimeserver operated by cybercriminals who used campaigns to steal data. These campaigns consisted of highly sophisticated attacks, incorporating Crimeware toolkits, Trojans and Command and Control (C&C) servers to drive traffic from a specific region, with specific characteristics.

“This report illustrates the latest development in cybercrime. It shows the business cycle of data collecting and trading by today’s cybercriminals. Crimeware infecting PCs is a serious business problem that has far-reaching consequences, such as impacting the security of businesses and patients around the world,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CTO of Finjan. “We see that cybercriminals go after premium data that they can trade for substantial profit. The increase in Web-based attacks is staggering. Industry figures include a growth of more than 200% of Web-based malware, with an increase of over 800% in backdoor and password-stealing malware, illustrating that sensitive corporate and medical are at risk.”

According to Finjan, the fact that sensitive business, patient and personal data were compromised in a timeframe of less than one calendar month underscores the necessity for enterprises and organizations to have a comprehensive security technology in place that provides effective protection against these sophisticated threats.

The compromised data and the Crimeserver applications were detected using Finjan’s patented active real-time code inspection technology while diagnosing users’ Web traffic.

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