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Fingerprints expands its capacitive touch sensor portfolio

May 2020 by Marc Jacob

To meet the evolving design needs of the diverse and growing market for biometric access control, world-leading biometrics company Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints™) has expanded its fingerprint authentication touch sensor portfolio for physical and logical access devices and applications.

To enable maximum flexibility in product design, the new FPC1025 sensor version has a smaller footprint than the other models in the series and is optimized for access devices where every millimeter counts. This is the fourth addition to Fingerprints’ growing access control portfolio, which focuses on offering the highest biometric performance with the lowest power consumption and enabling a variety of form factors.

Like the rest of the portfolio, the FPC1025 can be used by devices and applications where secure, streamlined user-authentication is required. All sensors in the portfolio come with unique features that enable an excellent everyday user experience.

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