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F-Secure SENSE becomes Zyxel’s first third-party offering deployed by containers

October 2021 by Marc Jacob

F-Secure and broadband networking solutions provider Zyxel Communications are working together to help people and families protect all their internet-connected devices. The two companies have now released F-Secure SENSE as a container-based solution to streamline how operators can provide and maintain security services for their broadband customers.

Zyxel has provided F-Secure SENSE – a solution for service providers that combines gateway security and endpoint protection – to operators as a firmware upgrade on select home gateways since 2019.* Thanks to the new containers offered by Zyxel, operators can now push F-Secure SENSE out to select Zyxel gateways without using firmware updates.

Containers are lightweight packages of software that include everything an application needs to run on a host. Containerized applications or services, such as F-Secure SENSE, are simple to deploy as containers isolate these apps from a device’s underlying infrastructure.

Operators are well-positioned to simplify how consumers purchase security solutions. 64% of respondents to an F-Secure survey conducted in 2021 said that they would purchase their security/privacy solutions from their internet service provider – up from 60% in a 2018 survey, and 56% in a survey from 2015.

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