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ExtraHop 2021 Predictions

December 2020 by ExtraHop

Ransomware will change and stay the same

Mike Campfield, VP, GM International and Global Security Programs at ExtraHop

In 2021, we see new strains of ransomware as attackers continue to profit. We will also find new gangs entering the picture and continued development of attack tactics. Following the trend of recent years, Ransomware will set its sights on ever higher value targets in healthcare, institutions of education and financial services. The more things change, the more they stay the same - the essential threat of ransomware is no different. Enterprises will develop workarounds to resist paying the ransom, ransomware continues to be the greatest threat to enterprises. We expect 2021 to produce new victories in the long ransom war.

The future of remote workforce brings new security headaches Mike Campfield, VP, GM International and Global Security Programs at ExtraHop

Now that workers and employers have benefited from remote work, they’re going to demand it from their employers. In 2021, remote work will cement its place as a standard part of working life and create a new raft of considerations for enterprise security. How will an enterprise protect their network if endpoints are employee owned constantly on and off the corporate network either from home or in the office. How are enterprises going to protect themselves without the benefit of enterprise security controls? In 2021, the fact of long term remote work is going to force us to rethink how we secure enterprise data and infrastructure.

Hybrid and Remote work will be here to stay

Ronnen Brunner, Vice President of EMEA Sales at ExtraHop

The global pandemic has made remote work an absolute necessity. Given its clear benefits - remote working is likely here to stay in full or at the very least in a hybrid form. Employees love the added flexibility and employers benefit from the increased satisfaction of their employees and the reduced costs associated letting go of expensive office locations. But this new state of being involves a radical change in traditional enterprise IT infrastructure and security. In 2021, enterprises will reap the benefits of remote work, but grapple with how to protect this new architecture which will be heavily cloud/SaaS based.

Economic Downturn leads to cuts to IT
Ronnen Brunner, Vice President of EMEA Sales at ExtraHop

The projected economic downturn may mean deep cuts for Enterprise IT. The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has recently announced that the UK economy will contract by 11.3%. That means that IT departments may soon experience punishing cuts as enterprises tighten their belts. 2021 will likely mean that IT priorities will have to be re-evaluated and IT security will need to find ways to do more with less and do it quickly - the question on CISOs minds will be how to be leaner and more efficient when it comes to protecting the enterprise.

The need for cloud and hybrid security will increase as enterprises drop on-premises data centres
Ronnen Brunner, Vice President of EMEA Sales at ExtraHop

In 2021, we’ll see an increased need for cloud and hybrid security as more enterprises migrate from the on-premises data centre to cloud environments. That sort of digital transformation had been trending for years, but the pandemic forced massive migrations at a previously unheard-of pace. Now that they have experienced the benefits of expanded cloud use, expect more enterprises to leave behind traditional on-premises environments. Capital One bank closed all their on-premises data centres in favour of cloud deployments, and Deutsche Bank is also moving heavily moving to the cloud. These are early indicators of what we can expect in the coming year, and 2021 will see enterprises grapple with what it means to upend their traditional architectures and effectively protect their environment through what may be a long transition period.

Niche cloud tools go extinct as businesses are forced to cut the fat ExtraHop

The pandemic solidified cloud’s role as a key pillar of the modern enterprise. Think of working over the last several months without AWS, Slack, or Office 365! Yet despite cloud’s seeming ubiquity, cloud security remains a remarkably nascent, highly fragmented market. There are specific tools for containers, for SaaS apps, for each major IaaS provider, etc. But with COVID-19 forcing strict budget cuts, there will be intense pressure in 2021 to significantly consolidate IT and security toolsets. Niche solutions like CASB and CSPM will soon go extinct as the most forward-looking organisations will invest in higher-value, more encompassing cloud security tools that enable detection and response across the entire hybrid environment.

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