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Expert insight on US National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP)

July 2023 by Gary Barlet, Federal CTO at Illumio

With yesterday’s news of the US launching their National Cybersecurity
Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP), the commentary below from
Gary Barlet, Federal CTO at Illumio.

"The National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan (NCSIP) gives
much-needed guidance for agencies on improving cyber resilience. It
assigns timebound goals and initiatives to each agency giving them
direction on how to reach the strategy’s clear objectives. These goals
and initiatives also display a sense of urgency, which is important, as
the pace of technology makes it impossible to imagine the impact it will
have on security in three, five, or ten years. It focuses on building
cyber resilience now as well as down the road.
This plan reflects the urgency of today’s cyber threat, and also
demonstrates an understanding of the resource and fiscal challenges
agencies face in overcoming these dangers. While the NCSIP doesn’t
include direct funding, it does align with the administration’s cyber
budget priorities to better position agencies to achieve their
objectives and combat cyberattacks. If agencies can align their
budgetary responsibilities and resources with these initiatives, then
they will be well equipped to bolster their cyber resilience today and

Prior to joining Illumio, Gary was a Federal Chief Information Officer
and is also a retired Air Force Cyber Operations Officer with 29+ years
of experience in the military and government.

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