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Expert drones comment: Drones pose a very real security threat to uncontrolled airspace

December 2016 by Dik Vos, CEO at SQS

In reaction to the football-sized drone which has been flown 20m from a
Heathrow-bound plane, Dik Vos, CEO at SQS, comments:

“The UK government spends millions of pounds a year on security, whether this is to
protect sensitive information or the physical security of the general public, but
what is being done to stop a potential drone attack? Currently, not a lot.

Drones must be embraced and feared in equal measure. Combined with 3D printing,
drones can be easily configured and adapted to support any kinds of use case.
Putting it bluntly, these devices are in fact, flying payload systems with the
ability to deliver anything (including incendiary devices or grenades) in to
uncontrolled airspace.

Drones pose a very real security threat to society and subsequently, I believe 2017
will see the UK government reduce the threat of uncontrolled airspace by refining
and developing new laws to protect against hostile drones.”

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