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Exabeam to enhance Cyberseer’s 24 x 7 security services

June 2019 by Pierre Kouliche

Cyberseer strengthen its security management approach with Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, bolstering its already distinguished threat detection managed security service (MSS).

Cyberseer, headquartered in London delivers a 24 x 7 managed detection service underpinned by Exabeam technologies. The service encompasses threat hunting and behavioural analytics delivering real-time identification of anomalous activity for on-premise and cloud environments. Supported by unlimited log collection and management. Cyberseer’s approach helps organisations to minimise the risk and subsequent impact of suffering a damaging cyber or compliance breach. Solutions designed and deployed by Cyberseer utilise their level 3 Forensic Analysts extensive industry expertise to triage and respond to threats identified within Exabeam.

The service comprises of three core components:

• Machine learning, behavioural analytics technologies;
• Cyberseers automated monitoring platform;
• Human expertise.

The marriage of advanced behavioural tooling from Exabeam with Cyberseer’s automation translates high-volume low-value logs and alerts into a low volume of high-value accurate alerts, increasing accuracy whilst reducing both false positive alert volume and time to detect.

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