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Exa Networks begins long-term deployment of 1500 NETASQ UTM Firewall devices across network

September 2012 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

NETASQ has signed a contract with Exa Networks, Internet Services Provider to the Education and Business community, to deploy 1500 of its NETASQ U70 devices across its network during 2013. Already having deployed over 30 devices, the company chose NETASQ based on its defence grade technology, and high levels of functionality.

Crucial to its success is Exa’s ability to provide its customers with a security infrastructure that supports its needs, and whilst initially happy with the Cisco products it had installed, Exa realised there was an opportunity to offer more to its customers in terms of functionality and configurability, and sought a replacement. NETASQ’s high level of functionality, and the fact that it bases its products on the ICAP protocol, which allows for open standard communication between security devices to filter content, meant it was a perfect fit.

The core of the NETASQ Firewall U Series centres on its proprietary system that embeds firewall features and real-time intrusion prevention. The NETASQ engine analyses network protocols in order to detect and block threats, and thanks to numerous behavioural analyses and different targeted signature databases (depending on the context), it delivers a very high level of security by dramatically reducing the risk of false alarms.

As educational establishments face particular challenges in data protection, laws and regulations require them to take increasing care with information security issues. The very nature of education requires secure sharing of information without data loss, in addition the problems of managing distributed networks and protecting them from attack are encountered frequently. NETASQ’s products are equipped with IPSec VPN to deliver encrypted communications, with the SSL VPN portal giving remote users a dedicated, secure Internet connection. Its intrusion prevention engine also incorporates the latest technologies and uses a number of different analyses to deliver enhanced levels of security.

Towards the end of this June, Exa had implemented nearly 40 NETASQ U70 firewall devices and will have implemented approximately 1500 by the end of 2013.

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