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Europe faces shortage of 350,000 cyber security professionals by 2022 - Comment from Smoothwall

June 2017 by Claire Stead, Online Safety Expert, Smoothwall

Following the news today that Europe faces a shortage of 350,000 cyber security professionals by 2022, Claire Stead, Online Safety Expert, Smoothwall, comments:

"News of a huge gap in cyber security experts in Europe by 2022 is at best concerning and at worst societally destructive. Hospitals, schools, businesses and governments will all feel the effect of a depleted cyber security force if this hole isn’t filled properly. As technology becomes an increasingly important and prevalent staple of society, threat actors will constantly find new ways of hacking the system of every organisation - which is why cyber security experts are the girders that keep up the cyber web structure. Without the adequate number of cyber experts, security breaches may well become the norm for our National Health Service, businesses and elections.

"The everyday consumer will feel the effect of a depleted cyber security system too; their savings in a bank could be compromised, their personal data stolen from hospital records for ’social engineering’ (the gradual collection of a person’s data over time) or addresses and payment details stolen from a business’ database. Data exposure was one of the chief security concerns within the report, which is why companies must build a layered defence spanning encryption, firewalls, web filtering and ongoing threat monitoring to protect their most valuable asset: data. People need to be incentivised to train in cyber security and have the opportunity to get the training they need to make the world a more secure place - there’s surely no better time than now."

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