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Equifax breach - comment from Deception Cybersecurity experts Illusive Networks

September 2017 by Ofer Israeli, CEO of Illusive Networks

Further to the Equifax breach, the comment from Ofer Israeli, CEO of deception technology Illusive Networks, recently listed in WSJ’s Top Tech Companies to Watch:

Web applications are increasingly the common entry point for Advanced Persistent Threats. In this instance, a weakness in the web application layer provided cyber attackers with an entrance to access Equifax’ network, enabling the attacker to conduct his orientation and propagation to reach the company’s most sensitive assets.

This is just the latest reminder of just how susceptible even the most ’secure’ data is. Enterprises must operate under the assumption that they have been compromised. The financial services industry is a top target for cyber attackers, where consumer data is highly prized and an organization’s reputation and trust are at stake. Building higher security walls is proving insufficient. Without having means to rapidly detect and respond pre-emptively to an initial compromise, enterprises will remain vulnerable to having their information stolen by cyber criminals.

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