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Email Archiving Made Simple with Google

October 2008 by Marc Jacob

More and more we hear from businesses that managing email storage and retention is expensive and complicated. Regulations and guidelines like the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure put pressure on IT organizations to ensure that email is properly retained and can be reliably located and preserved in the event of legal discovery. Coupled with the growing importance of email as a store of intellectual property, email archiving has become both legally necessary and critical to the operation of your business. Currently there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about what kind of archiving solutions organizations should pursue, and that confusion is discouraging companies from taking this necessary step to protect their business.

To make the decision as easy as possible, we’ve simplified the pricing for our hosted email security and archiving package, Google Message Discovery.

For a flat fee of $45 (31.50€) per user per year, you can now add hosted archiving with the ability to retain messages for up to 10 years, along with spam and virus filtering, all powered by Postini. With this package, you can:

· Set the retention policy that makes sense for your organization

· Never worry about hitting storage caps

· Give end users access to years of historical mail

· Search and recover messages quickly for legal discovery

· Ensure secure, spam-free delivery of email

· Be fully up and running within days of signing up

When the total cost of an on-premise security and archiving solution is taken into account, keeping email over the course of seven years can cost more than $200 per user per year. Taking advantage of Google’s economies of scale, you can achieve the same objectives for only $45 (31,50 €) per user per year.

We still offer retention of one year or less for $25 (17,50 €) per user per year. Both packages include our full email security service, with industry-leading spam and virus filtering, along with sophisticated policy management tools and a discovery search interface to locate relevant email in the event of litigation. Similar packages are available to Google Apps customers wishing to add archiving.

With this new packaging, it is simpler and more affordable than ever to secure and archive your email.

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