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Ellams Improves Security with Matrix‘s Integrated Access Control Solution for their Manufacturing Plant based in Nairobi, Kenya

April 2018 by Marc Jacob

Ellams, a manufacturer and supplier of telephone scratch cards based in Nairobi, Kenya, required a foolproof security solution, integrated with access control and video surveillance for their manufacturing units. Matrix provided Ellams with an Integrated Access Control solution comprising of Card based Entry and Exit Readers.

About Ellams:
Established in the year 1977, Ellams primarily started off as a Security Documents Printer and Business Forms Manufacturer. In the year 2001, Ellams started off with the new venture of developing Telephone Scratch Cards for local telecom and cellular operators. Ellams has two manufacturing units based in Nairobi that supply secure pre-paid scratch cards to Central, Western, Eastern, and Northern Africa. Security being crucial for Ellams with respect to its manufacturing unit, the company was on a look out for a vendor who could meet the below mentioned requirements.

• Dual Verification of Credentials at Main Entrance
• Allow Entry or Exit to a User in an Employee Zone if a Guard is Present in his Cabin
• Guard does not Leave while Employees are Present in an Employee Zone
• Keep a Check on Employees’ Movements – whether they Enter after Gaining Access or not, etc.
• Access Control in Each Department
• Pre-defined Number of Users Allowed in a Department
• When a User Enters an Area, the Event is Recorded till He/She Leaves
• Generate Alarm on Violation of Access Rules

Solution Offered:
• Web based Access Control Solution with Card Based Entry and Exit Readers
• Integration with Beam Detector for Checking User Availability in an Area after Entering the Premises
• Man-Trap Feature to Open One Gate at a Time
• Employees Allowed Access only if Guard is Present
• Occupancy Control to Ensure Defined Number of People are Allowed in the Respective Zone
• Camera Remains on in Presence of Employees in a Respective Zone and Turns off in their Absence
• Instant Alarm Notification to take Immediate Action upon Violation of Access Rules

• Improves Security with Integrated Solution
• Real-time Alarm Notification helps take Immediate Action upon Violation of Access Rules
• Ensures the Guard Continuously Monitors Entry and Exit of Employees

• COSEC DOOR CAP - RF Card based Premium Door Controller
• COSEC PATH RDCE – EM Proximity Card based Reader
• COSEC PANEL LITE- Site Controller for Multiple Door Controllers
• COSEC CENTRA GE- Application Software for 100 Users, Expandable Up to 500 Users
• COSEC GE ACM- Access Control Module for COSEC CENTRA GE

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