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Elasticsearch Enables 400 Criteo Engineers to Search 4 TB of Log Data per Week

June 2016 by Coline Magne

Elastic, the company behind the world’s most popular distributed real-time search engine Elasticsearch, announces that Criteo has developed a new internal log management tool using the Elastic Stack, allowing Criteo to analyze between one and eight billion event logs every week, diagnose potential problems before they occur and maintain optimum efficiency in its datacenters.

Event logs are files which record incidents that occur on the servers or within the applications. Every time an incident occurs, event logs are created to enable administrators to troubleshoot problems. As Criteo experienced hyper growth, it became clear that Criteo needed a new tool to cope with huge amounts of data and quickly pick up event log issues.

Elasticsearch was selected based on its ability to scale horizontally across huge volumes of data, ease of use for developers to setup, and because it automatically works with Kibana for real-time analytics. This enables Criteo’s 400 engineers to identify system issues and errors, and take action immediately.

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