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EasyJet hack - comment from security specialist, Check Point

May 2020 by Check Point

Following the large data breach at EasyJet of 9 million customers’ email addresses and travel details and 2,208 customer credit card details, Check Point’s UK regional director, Andy Wright said the detailed personal information stolen from the website is likely to be traded between hackers and used as bait for targeted phishing attacks against customers, especially in emails claiming to be from EasyJet or an affiliate company.

Andy Wright said: “There is enough personal information in the stolen records to make those people targets for identity theft and fraud. Hackers are likely to trade the stolen data as well as trying to trick customers into revealing further personal details using targeted phishing emails.

“It’s just a numbers game for hackers, as they can easily send tens of thousands of emails in the hope of tricking a handful of customers. Customers affected should be suspicious of any emails or even phone calls that relate to the breach, no matter how plausible, and should not give away more personal information. They should also be vigilant for suspicious credit-card transactions. We have seen a sharp increase in phishing attempts and cyber-attacks over recent weeks, with many related to the Covid-19 pandemic. I would not be surprised to see further attacks launched using this stolen data.”

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