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EMEA Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Market Revenue at $277 M in 4Q15, According to IDC

April 2016 by IDC

EMEA purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) vendor revenues decreased 13% year over year to reach $277 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Tracker.

For the full year 2015, the PBBA EMEA market fell 5% to just over $935 million from $985 in 2014.

"The decline in the EMEA PBBA market in 2015 was overall affected by the negative euro/dollar current exchange rate, " said Jimena Sisa, senior research analyst, European Storage, IDC. "The faster move to the 3rd platform is forcing organizations to carefully plan their investment and deployment of backup solutions that would help them reduce costs, improve response times, and make the business more agile. On-premise, data increasingly sits on compressed and deduplicated flash storage devices, and backup software supports deduplication, while additionally organizations see cloud-based backup solutions as the alternative to disk appliances, impacting, as a consequence, the PBBA EMEA market."

Regional Highlights

The performance of the Western European market this quarter, at 2% growth in vendor revenue, was mainly due to growth at some of the major players, said Sisa. Total EMEA PBBA capacity shipped for 4Q15 reached 273 petabytes, a decrease of 7.9% year over year, while annual capacity was up 7.9% to 863 petabytes, with Western Europe accounting for 72% of the total PBBAs shipped in 2015.

"Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa [CEMA] PBBA revenue decreased heavily by 42% year over year to $60.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2015," said Marina Kostova, senior research analyst, Storage Systems, IDC CEMA. "This was the worst quarter for the PBBA market in 2015, which otherwise recorded a more moderate decline of 14% for the full year. A clear shift to lower price band solutions, evident throughout the year, coupled by persisting political and economic issues in the region and in Russia, particularly, brought about this development."

Total EMEA PBBA mainframe system factory revenue declined 26% year over year in 4Q15, with revenues reaching $23.3 million. The open system market also declined 11% in the same period.

Taxonomy Notes

IDC defines a purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) as a standalone disk-based solution that utilizes software, disk arrays, server engine, or nodes that are used for a target for backup data and specifically for data coming from a backup application (e.g., NetWorker, NetBackup, TSM, and Backup Exec) or can be tightly integrated with the backup software to catalog, index, schedule, and perform data movement. The PBBAs are deployed in standalone configurations or as gateways.

PBBA solutions deployed in a gateway configuration connect to and store backup data on general-purpose storage. Here, the gateway device serves as the component that is purpose built solely for backup and not to support any other workload or application. Regardless of packaging (as an appliance or gateway), PBBAs can have multiple interfaces or protocols. PBBAs can also provide and receive replication to or from remote sites and a secondary PBBA for disaster recovery (DR).

IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Tracker provides vendor share, market size, and forecasts for purpose-built backup appliances. IDC provides key market insights and growth for vendors active in the PBBA market and for those looking to introduce new products into the market. Revenue and capacity for disk systems behind PBBA gateways are included in the PBBA market sizing and in the forecast. Some PBBA solutions integrate the data movement engine (backup application) with the appliance, while others serve only as a target for incoming backup application data. Both solutions are included in the PBBA market sizing, although segmentation between the two product categories is provided.

Major vendors covered in this IDC Tracker include: EMC, Veritas, HPE, Dell, IBM, Quantum, Barracuda, Oracle, Fujitsu, Barracuda, Exagrid, HDS, Unitrends, and Falconstor Software.

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