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DoubleVerify Identifies Video Fraud Scheme Targeting Mobile App Advertising

April 2019 by DoubleVerify

WHO: DoubleVerify, the leading independent provider of marketing measurement software and analytics, today announced that it’s Fraud Lab has identified a video fraud scheme targeting mobile app advertising.

WHAT: Per the scheme, banner ad slots are being re-sold as premium video advertising inventory almost exclusively on mobile apps. This practice often goes against marketplace policy and is deceptive to the buyer – because inventory is being represented as in-stream vs. in-banner.

Through this scheme, bad actors are seeking to maximize revenue and profits by stuffing multiple players into the ad slot, intentionally using incorrectly-sized players and using hidden players – practices that are decidedly fraudulent.

DoubleVerify reports the scheme impacted:

● End Users: Creates a significant drain on the end users’ battery life and bandwidth, because video ads play in a forced, unstoppable loop.

● Advertising Ecosystem: The scheme generated at least 2M ad calls per day, or at least 60M ad calls per month.

WHERE: For more information on the fraud scheme, see the full report -

The DV Fraud Lab, created more than 10 years ago, performs ongoing detection and analysis of new types of digital ad fraud in order to uncover the latest schemes as they occur. In 2017, DV was accredited by the MRC for fraud/SIVT detection and blocking within mobile apps, demonstrating the company’s commitment to build a better industry. DV is the only full-service company to provide blocking within mobile apps for fraudulent activity.

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