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Dahua TiOC ‘Three-in-One’ Camera Delivers New Levels of Integration and Interoperability with Third-party Systems

August 2023 by Marc Jacob

Dahua Technology’s TiOC (three-in-one camera) is at the forefront of proactive video surveillance. In a previous blog we have seen how through a combination of AI, smart motion detection, auto-tracking and active deterrence, TiOC enables users to proactively monitor potential threats and quickly respond to situations in real-time.

Integration with Third-party Platform

Now, TiOC offers an unparalleled level of interactivity with Dahua and third-party systems, providing integration with third-party alarm monitoring software, IP speakers and alarm hubs, as well as Dahua’s DSS and DMSS video management software.

Alarm Monitoring Integration

The camera system can be connected to alarm monitoring centers via integration with third-party alarm monitoring software. Integration features include real-time monitoring, playback, audio transmission, PTZ control and event-activated monitoring and recording – such as through human and vehicle target detection. Technology partners include ESI, Webeye, Bold, Immix and MCDI and TiOC can be integrated with conventional intruder alarm systems for building interiors, with a one-tap arming/disarming feature.

TiOC also works with third-party IP speakers from TOA. Features include connection of speakers to Dahua NVRs and linking events, such as intelligent detection, intelligent video systems (for example, people counting and intrusion detection) and smart motion detection to appropriate recorded messages or live audio output.

In addition, integration with IDS alarm hub is also available. Alarms from TiOC devices are sent to the hub for further verification (Alarm Out). On the other hand, the alarm from the hub will be sent to TiOC devices for event linkage such as sound and light alarm, recording, and more (Alarm In).

Moreover, TiOC 2.0 can also be integrated with Dahua’s DSS and DMSS security management software platforms. This enables seamless and centralized monitoring and control of the cameras, as well as remote control of camera features, such as audio and visual alarms.

Smart Surveillance

TiOC features full-color surveillance, intelligent perimeter protection and active deterrence – all in one automated surveillance solution, providing the following features before, during and after an event:

Before an event: TiOC is ideal for continuous perimeter protection, using smart motion detection to identify only events involving people and vehicles, and AI to filter out nuisance objects such as animals, leaves and car headlights. Three illumination modes – Warm Light mode, IR mode or Smart Illumination mode (where IR is the default illumination mode, but switches to warm light as soon as a human target is detected) – enable optimum lighting for the event, while minimizing light pollution at all other times.

During an event: Auto tracking 3.0 – which consists of a deep learning algorithm to automatically track moving targets, such as vehicles and people – provides automated tracking and zooming into targets. TiOC can be integrated with Dahua’s full-color technology, allowing users to obtain ultra HD full-color images, even in dark conditions. This is achieved by using a dual lens (one to capture lighting information, the other to capture color information) featuring Dual Light Fusion technology and a high-precision Active Alignment process. A red/blue flashing warning light, two-way talk, a choice of 11 alarm sounds and options to import custom sounds and warning messages, provide active and effective deterrence to potential intruders.

After an event: TiOC enables the smart search of people and vehicles and event extraction from recorded videos – events can be extracted by date, time and scene features. Full-color capability gives the user the ability to view full-color images at night or in low-light conditions, enabling better definition and identification of people and objects. Monitoring a parking area at night, for example, users can focus on the color attributes of vehicles and people’s clothes.

Using a combination of AI, Smart Dual Light and Active Deterrence measures, TiOC delivers proactive monitoring of scenes and can be used as a visual alarm device. This enables you to more readily respond to situations in real-time, assisting your monitoring capabilities and resources by only activating when there is a potential incident.

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