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DDoS attacks cost UK businesses £96,668 - industry comment from Arbor Networks

December 2017 by Kirill Kasavchenko, Principal Security Technologist, EMEA at Arbor Networks

Following the news that malicious insiders and DDoS attacks cost UK businesses hefty respective price tags of £144,501 and £96,668, on average. Please find below comments from Kirill Kasavchenko, principal security technologist, EMEA at Arbor Networks.

“It’s no surprise to see that DDoS attacks cost UK businesses an average of £96,668 per incident. The business disruption caused by such an attack can be a very costly consequence of cybercrime, but it can be difficult to quantify the risk until a significant DDoS attack takes place.

“This significant figure should give businesses a lot to think about – is their current DDoS protection robust enough to weather an attack? Are they protected from all types of DDoS attack, from volumetric floods to stealth application layer attacks? How would they respond to a DDoS attack if business operations were affected? Are there secondary communication channels, such as social media, that can update partners and/or customers? If there aren’t clear answers to these questions – it’s crucial that businesses act now so they’re ready for any future attack.”

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