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Cyberbit announces new SOC 3D release

December 2016 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Cyberbit announced a new version of its SOC 3D automation and orchestration platform.

The new SOC 3D platform integrates with all major SIEM and security solutions, automates SOC runbooks and workflows, and prioritizes incidents according to their business impact.

Cyberbit’s SOC 3D platform includes the following:
- Business impact prioritization – Prioritizes incidents which pose the highest business risk, so SOC teams can respond to them first.
- Dynamic workflow – Enforces the organizational best practices for incident response while updating the workflows dynamically as the incident evolves.
- Response automation – Automates and executes incident response measures as defined by the security operations team.
- Automatic data enrichment – Adds historical context and threat intelligence to incidents, enabling analysts to respond more effectively.
- Corporate-wide breach management – Extends breach management and control beyond the SOC to keep finance, operations, HR and the executive stakeholders informed.
- Ad-hoc reports – Converges and visualizes raw data from multiple security tools, such as SIEMs, IDSs, IPSs, threat intelligence feeds and firewalls.
- Unique insights – SOC 3D provides insights within a clear and easy to operate UI in order to minimize the time-to-insight and accelerate the investigation process.

The new SOC 3D features will be available for enterprises and MSSPs in Q1 2017.

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